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Published July 9, 2014 by whathehell1999

I chose these dish’s because I felt they complimented the season (spring) they are light and use a variety of Colours and sizes for example, the soup is green and has a white dressing (cream) on top also has the side of the garlic bread which gives a different texture and they complement each other really well, the garlic complements the taste of the potato, Another example is, my Spaghetti Carbornara dish which has a side of a appropriate salad which will correspond with the yellow looking dish, the quantity of bacon will also give extra colour and a range of different Appearance, my last example is my dessert which has all different colours, the goldenness of the crepes, the different colours and textures of the berries and fruits, they all have different odours, the soup has quite a warm smell and comforting, whereas the spaghetti carbornara has a salty cheesy odour and the pancakes smell really sweet, which I think compliments my menu well.