Things you should consider with catering GCSE

Published July 9, 2014 by whathehell1999

1. The choice of dishes.
2. The use of Healthy alternatives and state how, where and why you will use them.
3. State how you have a variety of colour, flavour, texture and odour. State how the dishes complement each other.
4. How will you portion control the dish?
5. Discuss how you will make your dishes attractive with garnish and decoration.
6. State the wide range of skills you are going to demonstrate.
7. State the wide range of cooking methods you are going to use and how each dish differs.
8. High risk foods.
9. Have you chosen enough to do in the 2 hours (will you be busy?).
10. Cost of your dishes. Are they value for money, cheap, expensive?
11. Can you easily make these dishes in bulk?
12. What is the shelf-life of your dish? Do you need to keep them in the refrigerator? Will you have problems with:
a. High Risk Food
b. Gelatinisation
c. Coagulation
13. How will you demonstrate good hygiene and safety?
14. Why are your chosen vegetables suitable for the dish(s)

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