why i did my catering assesment:))))

Published July 7, 2014 by whathehell1999

I chose these meals because I felt they complimented the season (spring) they are light and use a variety of Colours and sizes
I have used vegetables in the Chicken dish as it gives a healthier option because it can be quite fattening and the vegetables I used gives the dish more flavour and colour, The bacon will ensure the chicken is moist and keep flavours in
I Chose for my starter ‘leek and potato’ soup this is a steady starter and is a nice colour, it is very light the garnish I will use is some thyme which I will sprinkle on the top and on the plate I will save a little bit of cream and spread across the top, the cream will be low fat so it isn’t too unhealthy. The healthy alternatives that I have used are that in the leek and potato soup low fat cream will be used instead of full fat cream, The dish that I am making for my starter is 125.0 calories (per serving, and 7g of fat)
Leek and Potato soup =
Fill a large soup ladle with soup and it should be one cup of soup. To be sure, put one ladle of water in a measuring cup and see how much soup you have.
As an appetizer, I will serve a little less than a cup. As a main dish, I would serve 1 1/2 cups.
The next dish I chose was Chicken liver pate, I will use a side of bread and onion marmalade, this will make sure the pate isn’t dry to taste and gives extra flavour, I will use the excess butter that is left over on top of the pate to seal it, In French or Belgian cuisine, pâté may be baked in a crust as pie or loaf, in which case it is called pâté en croûte, or baked in a terrine (or other mold), in which case it is known as pâté en terrine. Traditionally, a forcemeat mixture cooked and served in a terrine is also called a terrine. The most famous pâté is probably pâté de foie gras, made from the livers of fattened geese. Foie gras entier is fattened goose liver cooked and sliced, not made into pâté. Pâté en croûte is baked with the insertion of “chimneys” on top: small tubes or funnels that allow steam to escape, thus keeping the pastry crust from turning damp or soggy
• My hair will be tied back
• No nail varnish or jewellery
• I will wear my whites
• Wash hands and surfaces as I cook
• Wash vegetables and things that need to be washed
• Use different mats

Range of skills you are going to demonstrate.
•al dente Cooking for pasta
•Presentational skills

High risk foods =
•The bacon not being cooked properly
•The chicken not being cooked
•vegetables not being cooked right

Will I be busy?

In the 2 hours I have to do for the exam I will be very busy, starting with the pate because I have to allow it to be in the fridge to set, the next thing I will do is boil the potato and leek for the soup whilst preparing the vegetables for the chicken, finally whilst the chicken is cooking will make the blackberry dessert.

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