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The Van Dusen Mansion

Dessert is a very popular part of a wedding, especially for your guests with a sweet tooth. Wedding cakes have generally been the most traditional option for dessert, but here at the Van Dusen Mansion we see all sorts of delicious dessert options.

dessert optionsOur exclusive catering company, Mintahoe Catering, has a large variety of alternative dessert options if your looking for something fun and unique your guests can enjoy. Our Mini Dessert Bar is sure to have something for everyone including chocolate dipped fruit, brownie pops, and mini sweet shooters which are delicious and fun for all ages. Another great option we offer is “S’mores Indoors!” which is great option no matter what the season.

Some of these desserts are used to simply compliment the wedding cake. A wedding cake is practical, beautiful, and of course a tasty treat. Having a wedding cake personalized with your colors, flowers, or favorite…

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I chose these dish’s because I felt they complimented the season (spring) they are light and use a variety of Colours and sizes for example, the soup is green and has a white dressing (cream) on top also has the side of the garlic bread which gives a different texture and they complement each other really well, the garlic complements the taste of the potato, Another example is, my Spaghetti Carbornara dish which has a side of a appropriate salad which will correspond with the yellow looking dish, the quantity of bacon will also give extra colour and a range of different Appearance, my last example is my dessert which has all different colours, the goldenness of the crepes, the different colours and textures of the berries and fruits, they all have different odours, the soup has quite a warm smell and comforting, whereas the spaghetti carbornara has a salty cheesy odour and the pancakes smell really sweet, which I think compliments my menu well.

Things you should consider with catering GCSE

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1. The choice of dishes.
2. The use of Healthy alternatives and state how, where and why you will use them.
3. State how you have a variety of colour, flavour, texture and odour. State how the dishes complement each other.
4. How will you portion control the dish?
5. Discuss how you will make your dishes attractive with garnish and decoration.
6. State the wide range of skills you are going to demonstrate.
7. State the wide range of cooking methods you are going to use and how each dish differs.
8. High risk foods.
9. Have you chosen enough to do in the 2 hours (will you be busy?).
10. Cost of your dishes. Are they value for money, cheap, expensive?
11. Can you easily make these dishes in bulk?
12. What is the shelf-life of your dish? Do you need to keep them in the refrigerator? Will you have problems with:
a. High Risk Food
b. Gelatinisation
c. Coagulation
13. How will you demonstrate good hygiene and safety?
14. Why are your chosen vegetables suitable for the dish(s)

Different cooking methods:

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Different cooking methods:

• Dry heat Cookery Methods

In dry heat cooking methods, the food being cooked does not use water to cook the food. The food is left dry and heat is applied to cook the food. Such methods of cooking are: baking, steaming, grilling, and roasting. When heat is applied to the food, the food cooks in its own juice or the water added to the food during its preparation evaporates during the heating process and this cooks the food. Heat is applied directly to the food by way of convection thus making the food to get cooked. The action or movement of air around the food, cooks it. Let us now have a look at each of this cooking method


In baking method of cooking, the food is cooked using convection heating. The food is put into an enclosed area where heat is then applied and the movement of heat within the confined space, acts on the food that make it get cooked.
• Steaming
To steam food, water is added to a pot and then a stand is placed inside the pot. The water level should be under the stand and not above it. There is no contact between the food and the water that is added to the pot. Food is then placed on the stand and heat is applied. The hot steam rising from the boiling water acts on the food and the food gets cooked. It is the hot steam that cooks the food, as there is no contact between the food and the water inside the pot. This method of cooking for vegetables is very good as the food does not lose its flavour and much of the nutrients are not lost during the cooking.
• Grilling
There are two methods of grilling that are used these days. One type of grilling is the one that is commonly used by the people in the village. This is when food is cooked over hot charcoal on an open fire. The food is placed on top of the burning charcoal. Sometimes people improvise by using wire mesh and place it over the open fire to grill fish or vegetables. The other method is using grills that are inbuilt in stoves. In this method, the griller, which has a tray, is heated up and the food is placed on the grill tray to cook. The heat can be gas-generated or electric-generated depending on the type of stove used. The food is again left to cook on the grill with the doors of the grill open. People who can afford to buy a stove would use the grilling part to grill their food. What happens in this type of cooking is the heat seals the outside part of the food and the juice inside the food cooks it. The flavour of the food is not lost and much of the nutrients are not lost either. Food is frequently turned over to prevent it from burning and to ensure that equal heating and cooking time is applied to both sides of the food. By doing this, the food is cooked evenly and thoroughly.

With roasting, direct heat is applied to the food. The heat seals the outside part of the food and the juice inside the food cooks the food. Roasting is mainly used when cooking fleshy food like fish, meat or chicken. When heat is applied to the outer covering of the food, it seals it up thereby trapping all the juices inside the food. The action of direct heating, heats up the juices inside the food, which then cooks the food. Again there is very little nutrient lost and the flavour is not spoilt. Food is frequently rotated over the spit so that there is even heating applied to all parts of the food. This is so that heat is applied evenly to the food to make it get cooked properly.
Moist Heat Cookery Methods In moist heat cookery methods, liquid is used as a medium to cook the food. Such medium could be water, coconut cream or oil. These liquids are added to the food before heat is applied to it or sometimes heat is applied to the liquid before the food is added into the cooking utensils to be cooked. The moist heat cookery methods include: boiling, stewing, shallow frying, deep frying, barbequing and basting. All these moist heat cooking methods use liquid to cook the food in.
• Boiling
This is the most common method of cooking and is also the simplest. With this method of cooking, enough water is added to food and it is then cooked over the fire. The action of the heated water makes the food to get cooked. The liquid is usually thrown away after the food is cooked. In the case of cooking rice, all the water is absorbed by the rice grains to make it get cooked. During the heating process, the nutrients can get lost or destroyed and the flavor can be reduced with this method of cooking. If you over cooked cabbage, all the nutrients can get lost.
• Stewing
In the process of cooking using the stewing method, food is cooked using a lot of liquid. Different kinds of vegetables are chopped, diced or cubed and added to the pot. Sometimes pieces of selected meat, fish or chicken is also chopped and added to the stew. The liquid is slightly thickened and stewed food is served in that manner. This method is also used when preparing fruits that are going to be served as desserts. With this cooking method, every food is cooked together at the same time in one pot. The flavour, colours, shapes and textures of the different vegetables that are used, makes stewing a handy method of cooking. The only disadvantage is that some of the vegetables might be overcooked and thus the nutrient content becomes much less. It is therefore important that the vegetables that take the longest to cook to be put into the pot first and the ones that need least cooking to be put in last. In this way much of the nutrient contents of the food does not get lost.
• Frying
When food is fried using oil or solid fat it is important that you observe some rules in handling oil or fat. Simple rules to follow when frying: 1.Make sure there is enough oil or fat put in the frying pan or a deep frying pan. 2. The food to be cooked must not have water dripping from it. This is because when water comes into contact with hot oil or fat, you will have the oil sizzling and spitting out of the pan, which could burn your skin if you are not careful. 3.Put the food into the hot oil carefully. Try not to make a big splash as the oil could burn your skin. 4.The oil of fat should be heated to the right temperature before putting food into the pan to be fried. If the food is put in when the oil or fat is not heated to the right temperature, the food will soak up the oil and you will have food that is all oily or greasy. If the oil or fat is over heated, you will end up with food that is burnt. Sometimes the food especially doughnuts will turn brown on the outside but the dough inside is uncooked. To cook food using the frying method, there are two ways of doing it. There is the shallow frying and the deep frying methods.
• Shallow Frying
In shallow frying, food is cooked in a frying pan with a little amount of oil or fat. The oil or fat is heated to the correct amount and the food is put into the heated oil. The food is turned over a few minutes or is stirred around a couple of times before it is cooked and dished out. If patties, potato chips or coated foods are fried, it is best to put a piece of brown paper or paper napkin inside the tray to soak up any oil from the food before serving it.
• Deep Frying
This is when a lot of oil or fat is used in cooking the food. The oil or fat is usually put into a deep pan and is heated to boiling point. Food is then put into the hot boiling oil and is cooked in that way. Such food as fish fingers, potato chips, meat balls, and dough nuts to name a few, are cooked using the deep frying method.
• Barbequing
The method of cooking food by barbequing is usually associated with fund raising activities, parties or picnics. It is most suitable to cooking meat cutlets, fish or chicken pieces. The food is usually marinated with spices and tenderizers (for meat cuts) for sometime before it is cooked. With this method of cooking, a sheet of metal with stands is heated up and oil is used to cook the food. A sufficient amount of oil is heated up and food is added. The food is then turned over a couple of times before it is dished out.
• Basting
This method of cooking is usually associated with roasting. The juice or liquid that comes out of the meat being cooked is spooned over the roast frequently while it is being roasted. The outer part of the meat is moistened frequently during the cooking process with the juice that is being spooned over. Usually, the extra juice from the cooked meat is added to a mixture to make the meat sauce.

why i did my catering assesment:))))

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I chose these meals because I felt they complimented the season (spring) they are light and use a variety of Colours and sizes
I have used vegetables in the Chicken dish as it gives a healthier option because it can be quite fattening and the vegetables I used gives the dish more flavour and colour, The bacon will ensure the chicken is moist and keep flavours in
I Chose for my starter ‘leek and potato’ soup this is a steady starter and is a nice colour, it is very light the garnish I will use is some thyme which I will sprinkle on the top and on the plate I will save a little bit of cream and spread across the top, the cream will be low fat so it isn’t too unhealthy. The healthy alternatives that I have used are that in the leek and potato soup low fat cream will be used instead of full fat cream, The dish that I am making for my starter is 125.0 calories (per serving, and 7g of fat)
Leek and Potato soup =
Fill a large soup ladle with soup and it should be one cup of soup. To be sure, put one ladle of water in a measuring cup and see how much soup you have.
As an appetizer, I will serve a little less than a cup. As a main dish, I would serve 1 1/2 cups.
The next dish I chose was Chicken liver pate, I will use a side of bread and onion marmalade, this will make sure the pate isn’t dry to taste and gives extra flavour, I will use the excess butter that is left over on top of the pate to seal it, In French or Belgian cuisine, pâté may be baked in a crust as pie or loaf, in which case it is called pâté en croûte, or baked in a terrine (or other mold), in which case it is known as pâté en terrine. Traditionally, a forcemeat mixture cooked and served in a terrine is also called a terrine. The most famous pâté is probably pâté de foie gras, made from the livers of fattened geese. Foie gras entier is fattened goose liver cooked and sliced, not made into pâté. Pâté en croûte is baked with the insertion of “chimneys” on top: small tubes or funnels that allow steam to escape, thus keeping the pastry crust from turning damp or soggy
• My hair will be tied back
• No nail varnish or jewellery
• I will wear my whites
• Wash hands and surfaces as I cook
• Wash vegetables and things that need to be washed
• Use different mats

Range of skills you are going to demonstrate.
•al dente Cooking for pasta
•Presentational skills

High risk foods =
•The bacon not being cooked properly
•The chicken not being cooked
•vegetables not being cooked right

Will I be busy?

In the 2 hours I have to do for the exam I will be very busy, starting with the pate because I have to allow it to be in the fridge to set, the next thing I will do is boil the potato and leek for the soup whilst preparing the vegetables for the chicken, finally whilst the chicken is cooking will make the blackberry dessert.

5 Facts about me:)))

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Favourite book? Marley and me
Favourite Lesson? Health & social
Favourite food? pasta & pizza
Favourite film? LOL
Favourite day? Friday
Favourite song? sofa by Ed sheeran
Favourite dog? Golden retriever
Least favourite lesson? Digital lessons
can i do accents? no
favourite drink? tea
Favourite quote- Tate: I prepare for the noble war. I’m calm; I know the secret. I know what’s coming, and I know no one can stop me, including myself. I kill people I like. Some of them beg for their life. I don’t feel sad. I don’t feel anything. It’s a filthy world we live in. It’s a filthy goddamn helpless world, and honestly, I feel like I am helping to take them away from the sh*t and the p*ss and the vomit that run through the street. I am helping to take them somewhere clean and kind. The world is a filthy place; It’s a filthy goddamn horror show. There’s so much pain, you know? There’s so much… There is something about all that blood; I drown in it. The Indians believed that blood holds all the bad spirits, and once a month in ceremonies they would cut themselves to let the spirits go free. Now, there is something smart about that, very smart. I like that. (beat) You think I’m crazy?

Favourite tv show- friends or american horror story
Favourtie character- Pepper or Tate/kit
Least favourite thing- One direction
Favourite teacher- Mr biddiscoombe
worst day- sunday, sunday is the worst day because you have school the next day and that is a really sh*t day because then you have digital leaders.